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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World


HBCS uses the A Beka curriculum. This college preparatory curriculum is composed of Christian-based text books that are specifically designed for students attending a Christian school, while meeting, and in many cases, excelling past the Common Core standards of the state's educational system. These materials honor God and His Word, and while providing excellent academic material, they also relate academic truth to the supreme truth of the Scriptures.  

We emphasize individual development and excercise of the powers of reasoning, in addition to helping students aquire facts and understand concepts.   We believe that the traditional system of education is the best way to educate the mind and build good character.  Our teaching methods are proven to be very effective and beneficial for students, and we continuously strive to find new, better techniques to further help them reach their academic goals. HBCS insists upon a high standard of performance from its students academically and behaviorally. Each student will be expected to produce to the best of his ability. Applicants selected must give evidence of possessing the intellectual capacity, the aptitude, the emotional stability, and behavioral standards characterized by the program offered.                     

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